Défi Neo Arcadia du mois hors Shmup : Rolling Thunder 2


Venez sur le forum, vous les joueurs du dimanche et jours fériés, pour découvrir ou redécouvrir ce fameux jeu de Namco de 1990 à la musique jazzy entrainante nécessitant beaucoup d’attention/ concentration et qui augurait le développement du féminisme mondial ( le player 1 est une agent très douée). Il n’y a rien à gagner si ce n’est le plaisir de s’impliquer dans un très bon jeu d’époque ^^. PCB, Mame, compile Namco, etc… choisissez vos armes et venez!!!

C’est içi que ça se passe


info de notre Neoarcadien Pierrot ^^:

Rolling Thunder 2 est un Run an Gun, développé et réalisé par Namco pour le Namco System 2. Suite de Rolling Thunder, de 1986. Proposant le même gameplay que son prédécesseur en ajoutant la coopération pour deux joueurs et des graphismes améliorés. Contrairement au premier, se basant en 1968, l’action de Rolling Thunder 2 est plus contemporaine.

Extrait en anglais de HG101:

Rolling Thunder 2 takes the series out of the 60s and into the modern era, with a style that more closely apes the latter day James Bond flicks. The enemy this time is an organization named Gimdo, who is using old technology from Geldra in order to take over the world. Instead of taking place solely in a generic underground base, there are two locales – the first half of the game takes place in a fancy tropical villa, and the second takes place in Egypt. As you progress through each stage, you slowly work through the façade and into the underground lairs, with scenery more typical of the original game, though with upgraded graphics.

One of the biggest draws is the two-player mode. The heroes are named Albatross and Leila, though due to the time jump between this and the first Rolling Thunder, they’re obviously different characters who inherited the codenames of their predecessors. Considering that the female character was just a damsel-in-distress in the previous game, it’s cool to see the lady here take on a more active role.

The core of the game hasn’t changed much, beyond the expanded scenery. The game is still very difficult, but the biggest concession is that you no longer take damage simply from bumping into an enemy. You will, of course, take a point of damage if they manage to punch you. In the early stages of the game, this greater defensive capability makes dealing with the floods of enemies a little easier. However, once the game introduces enemies that can fire while ducking, then the difficulty shoots way up. There are a couple of new enemies, like foes with glowing shields that can only be hit from the back, and bad guys that attack with bubbles.

The graphics are, of course, a huge step above the original game, as it runs on the 16-bit Namco System 2 hardware. The soundtrack is much better too, with a number of tracks composed by Ayako Saso, who later worked on assorted Ridge Racer and Tekken games. The arcade soundtrack album features a number of unused songs, which were repurposed for the console release.