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* Sous réserve de corrections/compléments/modifications


FLAP SPIN : :6: :mp:

BEAK ASSAULT : :6: :hp:

SPINNING MIXER : (durant course) :6: :p: (les propriétés changent en pressant répétitivement)

EAGLE SPIKE : (durant course) :6: :k:

WALL JUMP : (en l'air près d'un mur) :9: ou :3: / :7: ou :3:


SPINNING MIXER : (durant course) :2: :3: :6: :p: ou :p: :p: (les propriétés changent en pressant répétitivement)

EAGLE SPIKE : :2: :1: :4: :k: ou :k: :k:

AIRBONE EAGLE SPIKE : (en l'air) :2: :1: :4: :k: ou :k: :k:

WHIRLWIND SHOT : :2: :3: :6: :k: ou :k: :k:

ALTAIR : :2: :3: :6: (x2) :p:

YSAAR : :hp: :hk:

FRONT FLIP : :mp: :mk:

AIRBORNE EAGLESPIKE : :mp: :mk: > :k:

ROLLING ASSAULT : :2: :mp: :mk:

NAIL ASSAULT : :2: :mp: :mk: > :k:

SLIDING ROLL : (durant la garde) :6: :lp: :mp: :hp:

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Re: Rashid

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Anti airs:

st. LK - probably rashid's most reliable AA, surprisingly. Works at a lot of ranges, and almost never trades. Seems to shrink his hurtbox.
cr. MP - very specific to time it to AA clean but trades easily. Works anywhere, probably his most reliable AA from afar. Notably higher damage than LK.
jump back MP (/LP/LK) great close anti air, Rashid's j. mp is pretty fast
EX spinning mixer - works from a surprising number of ranges and timings, usually gets all the hits. True invincibility, making it a reliable AA
CA - Rashid's super is a fantastic anti air. Catches jumps, catches divekicks, will never trade, works even on very close jumps. Actually as tall as it looks, making it great for anti airing things like vega's flying barcelona.
f+MP - I don't know if they planned for this button to anti air but it's really tall. Knocks down on hit and cancels so you can get cool juggles.
HP spinning mixer - Not invincible but very tall, works well from close. Do it early like a SF4 jab uppercut. Doesn't hit behind him despite the animation.

Punish combos:

cr. HP, st. MP xx MK eagle spike (230 damage, 400 stun) - BnB punish. You can swap eagle spike with MP mixer for decidedly more corner carry in return for a moderate cut in damage.
cr. HP, st. MP xx EX Spike, HP mixer (275, 432) - Only adds 45 damage whereas my normal minimum 1 bar return is 50. But higher than most characters in this game, so I decided to list it. Usually not worth it.
st. HP xx LK whirlwind xx CA (404, 240) - hold forward to make it combo

Punish combos USING v-trigger:
cr. HP, st. MP xx trigger, HK air spike (296, 465)
You can also juggle v-trigger into CA but it's not really any stronger than a no-trigger combo.

Crush counter punishes:

st. HP, f+MP xx HK spike (244, 385) - this barely does more than his normal punish damage but all the HK whirlwind shot combos are gone so I'm not really sure what to do in a crush counter scenario anymore. I couldn't find anything. A cancel to roll is only +4, if it was +5 he'd have something nice.
st. HP xx EX whirlwind xx skill, air spike (281, 502) - you need a really late roll to not push the opponent out of low skill, which removes the possibility of follow ups midscreen. This feels really weird and buggy at present and I feel like they'll fix it pre-launch.
st. HP xx EX whirlwind xx rolling assault, cr. HP, st. MP xx MK spike (355, 652) - Absolutely worth the bar, nice damage here. Doing [st. HP xx nail assault, HP mixer] after the rolling assault adds 5 damage but does 50 less stun, not a good trade off.

Ranged Punishes:

cr. HP xx HK spike (166, 230) - This goes really far and combos even at max range. Rashid is strong here.
cr. HP xx LP mixer xx CA (328, 68) - Unfortunately you need the LP mixer to make the CA reach and it scales the damage a bit.
cr. HP xx trigger, HK air spike (267, 410)

Confirm combos:

far cr. HP into cr. MK or trigger
st. MP into cr. MK

Confirm combos (light normals):

cr. LK, st. LP xx LP mixer (95, 217)
cr. LK, st. LP xx LP mixer xx CA (288, 149)

Non CC punish CC confirms:

st. HK, f+MP xx HK spike (244, 385)
st. HP xx skill, spike (213, 360)

counter hit BnBs:

cr. LP, st. MP
st. MP, st. HP
st. MK, st. LP

corner stuff:

st. HP xx nail assault, HP spinning mixer
MP spinning mixer, CA

midair connect and juggles:

AA whirlwind shot, eagle spike
trigger, HP mixer
trigger, air eagle spike
trigger, CA

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Re: Rashid

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Re: Rashid

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