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#1 Message par DarthNova »



* Sous réserve de corrections/compléments/modifications


BUSTER CLAW : :6: :hp:

MERCURY SHARD : :6: :mk:

STARDUST SHOT : (en l'air) :lp: :lk:

MATADOR FLASH (CLAW ON) : :hp: > :hp: > :mp: :mk:

MATADOR BLITZ (CLAW OFF) : :mp: > :hk: > :mp: :mk:

WALL JUMP : (près d'un mur durant un saut) :7: ou :9:


AURORA SPIN EDGE : (CLAW ON) :2: :1: :4: :p: ou :p: :p:

CRIMSON TERROR : :2: :3: :6: :k: ou :k: :k:

FLYING BARCELONA ATTACK : :6: :2: :3: ou :4: :2: :1: :k: ou :k: :k:

FLYING BARCELONA ATTACK (CLAW ATTACK) : :6: :2: :3: ou :4: :2: :1: :k: ou :k: :k: puis :p:

IZUNA DROP : :6: :2: :3: ou :4: :2: :1: :k: > (proche de l'adversaire) :lp: :lk:

GRAND IZUNA DROP : (près de l'adversaire/CLAW OFF) :6: :3: :2: :1: :4: :p: ou :p: :p:

SWITCH CLAW : :2: :3: :6: :p:

BLOODY RAIN : :2: :3: :6: (x2) :p:

BLOODY KISS : :hp: :hk:

MATADOR TURN : :mp: :hk: (maintenir boutons pour attaquer)

BACKSLASH : (durant la garde) :6: :lp: :mp: :hp:

SHORT BACKSLASH : (durant la garde) :6: :lk: :mk: :hk:

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Re: Vega

#2 Message par DataIsKing »

Vega has 3 states
Claw - Vega has his claw on
Removed Claw (RC) - Vega has manually removed his claw
Clawless - vega has had his claw knocked off
The only difference between removed claw and clawless combos are that clawless vega "claw switch" does not change his normals, which gives him a strange "best of both worlds"

Anti airs:

cr. HP - Probably his general AA, nice hitbox above him but doesn't shrink his hurtbox beyond the crouch as far as I can tell.
(claw off) cr. HP - actually seems to shrink the hurtbox more and does the same damage, so this seems really good
st. HK - Works great from afar. Not the greatest hurtbox but goes very high. And if you get a crush counter, you can combo stuff
air throw - best anti air from close. Highest damage anti air, made practical because he has no height restriction on it
v-skill - maybe better against some jumpers than others. The invincibility is easy to use but they might land and block before you connect depending on timing.

Punish combos:

(claw/clawless) st. HP xx claw switch, cr. MP xx MK CT (214, 352) - optimal meterless damage, good corner carry, switches from claw
(RC) st. HP xx HK CT (188 damage, 294 stun) - best corner carry, very simple and easy, can be done w/ claw but outclassed

1 bar:
(claw/clawless) st. HP xx claw switch, cr. MP xx EX FBA, izuna (278, 380) - Vega can actually employ a single bar quite efficiently for damage in his combos, but saving for super could still be better in the long run.
(RC) st. MP xx st. HK xx EX FBA, izuna (276, 312)

(claw) st. HP xx MP ASE xx CA (450, 330) - damage optimized super w/ claw
(RC) st. HP xx HK CT xx CA (406, 204) - Vega doesn't have good damage options w/o claw
(clawless) st. HP xx claw switch, cr. MP xx MK CT xx CA (411, 272)

Punish combos USING V-trigger:

Meterless combos into v-trigger are almost never worth the bar because they sacrifice opportunity cost. Instead use EX FBA into trigger or trigger into super.

1 bar:
(claw/clawless) st. HP xx claw switch, cr. MP xx EX FBA, claw attack, v-trigger (335, 380)
(RC) st. MP xx st. HK xx EX FBA, claw attack, v-trigger (333, 312)

(claw/RC/clawless) st. HP xx v-trigger, CA (461/468, 150) - Note that super does slightly less damage when no claw

Crush counter punishes:

Vega's crush counter st. HK reels and can be followed by all his previously listed combos to increase punish damage

Ranged Punishes:

cr. HK (90, 150)
CA (350, 0)
(claw) cr. HP xx v-trigger (468, 150) - the cr. HP clawless doesn't reach as far. It does 216 w/o super, maybe still worth it.

Confirm combos:

(claw off) cr. MK, cr. MP xx MK roll
(claw on) cr. MK, st. LP xx MP ASE
(claw on) cr. MK, cr. LP xx EX FBA
(claw on) st. MP, cr. MP xx V-trigger
(claw off) flying barcelona attack, cr. MP
(claw off) EX flying barcelona attack, st. HP
(claw on) flying barcelona attack, v-trigger

Confirm combos (light normals):

cr. LK, cr. LP xx LK CT (111, 229) - This starts from a low
st. LK, cr. LP xx LK CT (121, 229) - This is vega's best from a 3f normal and is ideal for punishing attacks that are barely minus
(claw) cr. LP, st. LP xx MP ASE (137, 293) - this does the most damage and has the best super cancel, but it's only available in claw and can't combo from his fastest light nor his low light.
cr. LK, cr. LP xx EX FBA, izuna (191, 273) - BnB 1bar
cr. LK, cr. LP xx EX FBA, claw attack, v-trigger (248, 273) - BnB 1bar and trigger
cr. LK, cr. LP xx CA (327, 133) - BnB super. From MP ASE confirm it does 389.

Non punish crush counter confirms:

f+HP, cr. HK (177, 315) - This only works from somewhat close but it's the most consistent follow up
f+HP xx v-trigger (232, 180) - This works from all ranges that f+HP can connect at, and can be hit confirmed on reaction to the crush counter

counter hit BnBs:

(claw off) cr. MP, cr. MP
(any) cr. LP, cr. MP
(claw on) cr. MK, st. HP
(any) cr. MK, cr. MK

corner stuff:

Couldn't really find anything neat besides HP ASE combos but they don't seem good.

midair connect and juggles:

AA CC st. HK into sweep (probably best for clawless), MP ASE (into CA), EX ASE, v-skill, or ground/air v-trigger.

All of those follow ups also work after trade EX FBA in emergencies

Vega's target combo into v-skill is usually not optimal but if you're about to build trigger it could be just what you need.