RetroBat - le "Recalbox" Portable pour Windows

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Re: RetroBat - le "Recalbox" Portable pour Windows

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Et hop, déja une maj!
RetroBat 5.1.1

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– PinballFX3 generator now launching directly tables
– Fix crash when 2 identical controllers were connected
– Fix cps1 and cps2 features mix-up
– Fix unability to quit some emulators with HOTKEY + START because of game focus option automatically set to on
– Fixed rpcs3 joystick axis inversion for XInput and Dualshocks
– Fixed yuzu controller configuration to add possibility to choose joystick type
– Fix some shaders not working with model2
– fix RetroBat not displaying on second monitor issue
– fix missing PCSX2 feature “skip bios”
– fix ES navigation in vertical mode (L1 / R1 usage)

– possibility to run pcsx2 in bigpicture mode
– add cycle_exact feature for winuae
– add actionmax support to daphne/Hypseus
– add language selection for Wii

– Some cleaning of unused code and typo errors corrections
– Removed libretro:redream from Dreamcast emulators list
– Removed no$GBA from GBA system