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#1 Message par DarthNova »



* Sous réserve de corrections/compléments/modifications


DRILL KICK : (durant un saut) :2: :k:

YOGA ANVIL : :4: :hp:

YOGA UPPER : :4: :mp:

DIVINE KICK : :4: :mk:


YOGA FIRE : :2: :3: :6: :p: ou :p: :p:

YOGA FLAME : :6: :3: :2: :1: :4: :p: ou :p: :p:

YOGA GALE : (durant saut vertical ou avant) :6: :3: :2: :1: :4: :p: ou :p: :p:

YOGA TELEPORT : :6: :2: :3: ou :4: :2: :1: :lp: :mp: :hp: ou :lk: :mk: :hk: (peut-être exécuté en l'air)

YOGA SUNBURST : :2: :3: :6: (x2) :p: (peut-être exécuté en l'air)

YOGA BURNER : :hp: :hk:

YOGA FLOAT : :mp: :mk: ou :6: :mp: :mk:

YOGA FLOAT (AIRBORNE) : (durant un saut) :mp: :mk:

YOGA MALA : (durant la garde) :6: :lp: :mp: :hp:

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Re: Dhalsim

#2 Message par DataIsKing »

Anti airs:

cr. MP - probably his most consistent option. Works pretty well up close but great from afar. Reaches so far it anti airs neutral jumps, shrinks his hurtbox, and comes out pretty quickly. Not as good as b+MP up close
b+MP - Comes out faster than cr. MP and much better at hitting attacks going straight over his head. Still not great at anti airing would be crossups. Still great hitbox, small hurtbox, usually interchangable from cr. MP but very narrow so won't hit far jumps, which could spell dhalsim's demise if the opponent empty jumps from certain ranges as sim whiffs this
b+HP - a slow, high damage anti air that doesn't seem to shrink his hurtbox at all. Gets crush counter on counter hit so hit it as soon as you see a jump. Rewarding but unreliable.
CA - A fantastic anti air. Much wider than it looks, hits would-be crossups, high damage and knockdown. Costs lots of bar
cr. LK - Not a traditional anti air. Dhalsim can use one of his slides to get out of potential crossups, or the corner.
fireball - can't be done on reaction to jumps but fairly good at stuffing them.

I don't demonstrate it here but cr. MK can also trip-guard far out jumps and is safe on empty jump block if done early enough. cr. MP is usually better there anyway, unless it's REALLY far.

Punish combos:

cr. HP xx MP flame (152 damage, 285 stun) - A very general punish that's always available. Dhalsim has trouble moving point blank due to his low foot speed and might not be able to do it in time.
cr. HP, b+MK xx MP flame (198, 360) - Point blank only but significantly more damage and not significantly harder.
Instant air teleport, j. HP, cr. HP xx MP flame (226, 405) - Only available during long punishes but the most meterless damage Dhalsim can squeeze out I'm aware of. Basically a fast jump-in combo.

For any of Dhalsim's combos into flame, you can tack on a critical art to increase the damage.

cr. HP, b+MK xx MP flame xx CA (394, 360) - Any of the above 3 combos also cancel into critical art even at max range. The damage addition isn't much compared to most supers but it's still worthy of the meter.

Crush counter punishes:

st. HK, cr. HP, b+MK xx MP flame (272, 500) - the cr. HP cancel is much more reliable than this combo but this is pretty optimized for damage.

Ranged Punishes:

st. MK (50, 100) - Sweep is 2f slower which is enough it misses the punish here.
cr. HP xx MP flame (152 damage, 285 stun) - works from quite far away but not THAT far.
cr. MK xx trigger (130, 220)
cr. HP, cr. MK xx trigger (195, 345)

Sim doesn't appear to be able to confirm a super at a range.

Confirm combos:

cr. HP is dhalsim's only confirm combo and I've already shown it off as his optimal punish. The combos are identical. Note that dhalsim doesn't need to confirm usually as his yoga flames are pretty safe.

Confirm combos (light normals):

cr. LP, cr. LP xx EX flame (153, 293) - Dhalsim's metered conversion is generously better than his meterless one, which is just 2 jabs into nothing.
cr. LP, cr. LP xx CA (281, 133) - no way to have a special move here.

Non CC punish CC confirms:

st. HK, st. HP (168, 315) - Dhalsim's best combo from max range st. HK
st. HK, cr. HK (177, 315) - More damage plus a knockdown. Puts sim uncomfortably close if they neutral quickstand though.

counter hit BnBs:

st. LK, st./cr. LP
st. LP, b+MK
cr. HP, cr. HP

corner stuff:

EX fireball, st. LP - not really worth it cuz the only conversion is into another EX move so it forces you to burn 2 bars.
EX flame, EX burst - Kind of cool looking but the damage again isn't that high for 2 bars. Better than the last combo anyway.

midair connect and juggles:

CC b+HP xx fireball - this is a bit safer than flame if you don't react well to the crush counter.
CC b+HP xx HP yoga flame - high damage meterless conversion
CC b+HP xx HP yoga flame xx CA - super conversion

Dhalsim can get a lot of combos into or out of fireballs. It would be very exhausting to show all those off.

Several of Dhalsim's zoom limbs can cancel into trigger. cr. MK is almost always the best because it's quite fast and moves Dhalsim close enough to get the trigger's hit.

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Re: Dhalsim

#3 Message par Layer »

La base du perso est la même que dans SFIV : instant air teleport + HP, :4: MK, Yoga Flame...
le cr. HP x2 au corps-à-corps ne se linke plus depuis la beta 3.
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